What is Firejel?

Firejel™ Charcoal & Firewood Starter

Firejel™ is a red, viscous, corn alcohol-based fuel gel. Two ounces of gel are supplied in a mini-tub which fills the tub about 2/3 full. Each tub is sealed with a protective lid and heat-shrink band. The lid contains the Firejel™ logo and appropriate safety warnings.

firejel lit

Each tub is designed to be a single use product.

Each tub is easily lit with a match and will not flare up. A gentle wavy flame will appear within seconds.

The "burn time" of each tub is approximately 15 minutes. The consumable thin-walled polypropylene tub will "disappear" with gel.

A 4lb mound of coals will generally be 2/3 glowing red or ashed over by the time the gel and tub are consumed. After 20 minutes 85% of coals will be red or ashed over and ready for barbecuing.

In an emergency the gel is easily extinguished with water.

Tubs with lids are approximately 1 1/8" in height and are 3" in diameter.

Why it's better.

Millions of Americans love the incomparable taste of charcoal. Nothing ensures that great taste like Firejel™.
However, that is not the only reason to choose Firejel™ the next time you start a fire. Here are some other reasons.

  • SAFER- Will not flare up
  • EASY- Lights the first time every time.
  • TIMING- Coal readiness can be predicted. Meal time can be scheduled.
  • Reliable- Flame will not blow out- no need to "jumpstart" a fire.
  • Convenient- Small enough to take anywhere. Great for backpacking.
  • Economical- One 2 once tub does the work of 9-10 ounces of lighter fluid.
  • Environmentally Friendly- No petrochemicals released into the air.

How does it come packaged?

  • 3 Tubs Per Box
  • 6 Piece Hanging Strip
  • 12 Pack Counter Display
  • 24 Pack Individual Tubs - Counter Display
  • 48 Pack Floor Display